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Located in Namestovo, Slovakia

SR / CR (Europe)

Thailand (Asia)


Professional support to international clients regarding LEAN STANDARDS within manufacturing industry.

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What we can do if you are in a position of...

  • support your strategy objectives via INTERIM management
  • set-up agents what will assist your teams to deal with daily routines
  • Our strategy is to build long-term partnerships with visible results of our cooperation
  • support during crisis periods and unexpected situations
  • to help you with proactive approach what will teach you how to match your manager expectations
  • to do external research and analysis regarding issues what you have to deal with
  • to share with you our lessons learned and give you an independent inspiration for different projects what you are dealing with
  • to assist you with workshops, do follow-ups, reports etc.
  • we can help you to prepare project documentation and assist you with SWOT analysis
  • share with you basics of lean manufacturing and help you to design simple solutions/proposals what can be used as KAIZEN / Improvement ideas
  • We can give you an support regarding your professional career
  • to help you analyse and understand your work flow and to design a solutions what will help you in the future regarding over-administration and communication fails
  • usually there exist a lot of over-processing in daily administration  what can be improved via different database files developed by specific criteria
  • we can help you to improve communication flow within whole organization
Production management
We are able to visualize your performance deviations via our own IT solution. Mobile reports, remote access, escalation based on hourly outputs.
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Interim management
Let's cover your crisis periods together. We can be a part of your structure for shorterm period with clear project objectives with success evaluation via measurable KPI.
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Team-buildings & Workshops
We can organize targeted workshops and team buildings even for more days. We can prepare and organize everything including guest speakers, fun, adrenaline etc.
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Visual management
We can provide assessment of your visual management regarding automotive standards. As well, we can help you with final implementation of new tools including proper training and follow-ups.
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We can provide consulting services within areas : Production, Logistics, Quality and Maintenance.
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Sometimes you need to have somebody who thinks two steps forward. We can do that.
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Internal logistics
Let's set-up your handling loops and material areas together. We can calculate loops and sequences including layout proposals.
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Productivity improvements
This is our area. We have strong international experience regarding turnaround projects and huge productivity improvements.
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Independent assessments
Yes. We can make an assessments of your current situation and develop To-Do list proposals including SWOT analysis.
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TPM design
We can help you to prepare action plan for TPM implementation. As well, we are able to provide broken parts analysis so you can better understand what is exact reason of your frequent down-times.
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Interim management / Consultancy

Do you need to cover a position for short/long term period? Do you deal with critical situation or overloading and do you need immediately boost your structure regarding activities what needs to be achieved? We can help you. Our focus area : Lean management & Turnaround, Production, Internal logistics, Project management and another transformation challenges.

Project research

As per our experience we can help our clients with research regarding project development based on client individual requirements. It's always easier to think "Out Of The Box" if you are not a part of daily corporate routines.

Control your production performance

KEEP IT SIMPLE has developed its own system for production management. This solution represent cheaper replacement of expensive Manufacturing Execution Systems. We are able to implement universal modules as well to develop additional modules based on client requirements. Our solution contains functions as : remote access from any cellphone, escalation messages, performance monitoring on hourly basis, daily/weekly/monthly reports, Downtime analysis including shopfloor comments, quality details and even much more.

Total Productive Maintenance - Analysis

We are able to analyse your broken machine parts and help you to understand reason of frequent down-times via simulation software used for design of aerospace components. With our analysis you can easily understand if your failures are due to mechanical characteristics of the component or not. In case your components does not match right values, we are able to propose you a modification what can be discussed with your suppliers and business partners.

External supervision

Our supervision can helps you to reach milestones what you have to pass through. We can support your existing teams and help them to be focused on important objectives.

Turnaround projects

We have an experience with factory turnarounds even in Thailand, Asia. We can help you to identify a potentials in order to achieve your corporate objectives. We can do assessments, brainstorming and project preparations in cooperation with your teams.

Facility management

Based on our experience we are able to optimize your facility management costs via effective management of all frequent building activities using lean basics. Everything done on time, clean and without negative effects to your organization.

Workshops & Team-buildings

We are able to organize a workshops and team-buildings in a ways as newer before. We can organize a weekends with fun, adrenaline and even more with guest speakers and moderate discussions, if requested.